Privacy Policy

Thompson's Packaging Ltd T/A SupaZip Document Wallets

  1. We will only ever hold the minimum amount of personal information, and that is relevant to your Thompson's Packaging Ltd account.
  2. We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties
  3. We will not give personal information to any third party except:
    • If required by law or for legal proceedings
    • When providing aggregate stats to third parties (although these will not include personal information).
    • We will transmit credit/debit card information to the appropriate company when processing the payment.
    • We may provide personal information to our legal, accounting, marketing or professional advisers or our website host delivery providers (name and address only in the latter).
  4. We will only hold personal information for the following reasons:
    • To aid our administration, sales, marketing & product development processes.
    • We will hold payment information to allow new & repeat orders.
    • We may use this information to contact you by letter, email, fax or telephone.
    • We may also use this information to update the functionality of the site.
  5. Please inform us via the website or phone if you do not wish to be contacted.
  6. We will not hold any details for longer than necessary.
  7. We will protect your privacy by:
    • Processing personal information following the applicable laws on data protection.
    • We are implementing strict security procedures covering the storage and transfer of data.
    • We will ask for personal information before disclosing any account details.
    • All computer, electronic and hard copies will be held at the Thompson's Packaging Ltd office.
  8. This site may contain links to areas of interest to our customers. We do not take responsibility for the privacy practices of other websites. We suggest you read the policy for each site.
  9. Submission of personal information is made at the customer's own risk.
  10. The customer is entitled to request all the information we hold about them free of charge.
  11. If we are requested to update your personal information by yourselves, we may retain a copy of previous details for our records.


GDPR Update Notice

What information does Thompsons Packaging Ltd collect?

When you contact Thompsons Packaging Ltd to conduct business with us, we will collect personal information from you, including:

For Customers & Suppliers

  • Contact Name
  • Business Names
  • Company Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Delivery Addresses
  • Invoice Addresses
  • Contact Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses


For Suppliers

  • Bank Details

If your business is directed with Thompsons Packaging Ltd through one of our eCommerce platforms, then we record the IP address of your computer.
If you contact us for product or account support, we keep a record of the correspondence between us so that that we can refer to it in the future and provide better support to you. If you do this by telephone call, we will record that call for 30 days, including the number from which you called.
None of this data is sold and is only used by Thompsons Packaging Ltd to fulfil orders and maintain business relationships.

Why does Thompsons Packaging Ltd collect this information?

Contact details are collected when you make a payment to detect fraudulent card use.
We will use your contact details in cases where we need to contact you in connection with your account, for instance, if you have a payment to make, if we identify an issue with your account that we need to speak to you about, or if there are any changes to your account that we need to tell you about. We also use them to establish account ownership and prevent fraudulent access to your account.
As an established customer, we will also use your email address to keep you up to date with our products and services. You can opt-out of this from your account control panel on our eCommerce platform or via the email [email protected] if you choose.

Who does Thompsons Packaging Ltd share my information with?

When making a payment, we will share your card and contact information with our payment provider. In turn, they will share information with your card provider (eg. your bank). We do not keep a record of your card data to ensure we are PCI compliant.
If you buy a product or service from Thompsons Packaging Ltd that is provided directly from a third-party partner under white-label service, we will pass on your details to fulfil the contract.  This data is confidential and will not be used beyond the scope of fulfilling the transaction by the partner.

How does Thompsons Packaging Ltd use cookies?

We use a cookie placed on your computer to recognise you as a previous visitor to our website. This will also let us know if you're already a customer and, if you choose, means that we don't have to prompt you to log in again every time.
We include some resources from other providers on our website. As such they will be able to see some information about you.
For analysis of our website traffic, we use Google Analytics. Google will place a cookie on your computer for this purpose. We use their IP anonymisation feature to remove personally identifiable information from the data they hold.

What about my data rights?

You have the right to have us erase data that we hold about you. You can do this by emailing [email protected] . Note that we are separately required to keep financial records for up to 7 years, so any invoices on your account will be retained even after your information has been erased.
You have the right to have us rectify any incorrect information we hold about you. You can update your personal information by contacting Thompsons Packaging Ltd.
You have the right to data portability. To request any information Thompsons Packaging Ltd hold on you, please contact the company.