The New Way to Keep Hot.Keep Cool.Keep Fresh.

Our Cool Bags help protect chilled and frozen foods, keeping them at a low temperature for longer, locking in the freshness of your food. Bacteria multiply rapidly above 10°c. Chilled foods can soon reach this when removed from the supermarket fridge, especially when being transported home. A similar chain reaction starts when frozen food is thawed then refrozen and kept for long periods.

Our range of Cool Bags can be purchased in a variety of standard sizes and also in your own personalised design.

Who We Are

Insulated Bags Online trade worldwide with a vast variety of clients and a increasingly diverse customer base. Our Insulated cool bags can be printed using our access to Digital, Narrow Web and Wide Web Flexo Presses allowing you to advertise your brand to the world in the best possible way.

We have a dedicated team of experts on hand with many years of experience in the packaging industry, so you can rest assured that we are here to help you should you need to speak to someone about your requirements .

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